210 Terramungamine to Denman NSW

G’day Erik

Today we went for a drive around the Dunedoo area with your Great-Grandma (Ma), Grandma, Matt & Zora and Desurae. It was a fantastic trip down memory lane for everyone as this is the area where they all grew up on various farms. Ma used to ride her horse for one hour each way to her school in Elong Elong. The local familes used to have their dances in the town hall which was a big metal shed. My Grandad (Pop) used to take grain from their farm to the Elong Elong Silo. Grandma, Matt & Desurae used to catch the bus into school at Dunedoo. We drove along a dirt road for a while to find the first farm that they grew up on. When we were nearly at the second farm they lived at, we were stopped by a heavily flooded Talbragar River and had to turn around. We had lunch in Dunedoo then when everyone else headed back to Dubbo, we continued east along the Golden Highway to Denman. We stayed overnight in a pretty rest area not far out of town.

Lotsa Love Dad

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