Everything Must Go

G’day Erik & Oscar

Today I woke up motivated. Everything must go. I feel trapped. Trapped by my surroundings. Trapped by my possessions. You know what they say: you don’t own your things, your things own you. Having just returned home from full-time life on the road, I’m surrounded by a whole bunch of stuff that I don’t need and no longer want. I have not thought about them once since I’ve been on the road. It’s all just clutter.

Some of the most interesting people I met on the road, and the most interesting conversations I had, were about the process nomads went through to completely downside into their motorhome. I’m inspired by these people. They’ve completely culled everything. Sold it. Donated it. Given it away. Keeping only the most sentimental objects for themselves. Some compromise (like we did). We walked out of a completely furnished home. Some box all their things up and put it in storage.

We are downsizing. We’re moving from a large home to a small townhouse. We’re moving from a large motorhome into a kombi van. We just want to start from scratch. Leave our old lives behind. The last thing you want to do when you’ve been on the road for a long time is go back to the exact same life you had before.

Our priority has always been you two little boys. We love you more than anything else in the whole wide world. We want you both to have fantastic life experiences. So far, you’ve spent nearly you’re entire lives on the road. Now that we are back, we just want you to have somewhere to play outside. Some grass. We’ve always lived in properties that back or front directly onto native bushland. That won’t change.

From today, I’m going to start going through my stuff and cull it. I’ll keep if it’s sentimental or essential. If it’s not, it’s going. Books can be downloaded for e-readers. Music CDs can be downloaded for iPods. DVDs can be downloaded for media players. If it’s something that I like to look at, I’ll take a photo of it and download that too. I’m going to make myself come up with very good reasons to keep things. I’ll keep sentimental gifts. Things that are special. Things that remind me of special occasions or people. My memory is fading. It has faded. Some special things. You know them, the ones that we’re free (gifts). They remind me of special times. In the end, all you are left with are your memories. Your story. Not your money, not your possessions, your story.

This is my story. I’ve had a great life. Bec has given me that. You guys have too. I’ve tried everything I can to give Bec a great life. We both want to give you boys a great life too. Just now, Oscar has run into the room calling out “Daddy, Daddy!” then climbed into my lap for a hug. How could you need anything more in life than that?

Lotsa Love Dad

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