838 Tour Down Under Stage 5 Willunga Hill SA

G’day Erik, Oscar & Magnus

What an awesome day! Stage 5 of the Tour Down Under at Willunga Hill. Oscar had another epic climb amidst a huge crowd. As popular as ever, he scored high-fives from cyclists all the way up the hill. Cadel Evans lost the lead today, by just 1 second, to Team Orica GreenEdge cyclist Simon Gerrans. Aussie favourite Jens Voigt (from Germany) won most aggressive rider of the stage. At 42, he’s the oldest cyclist in the peleton and definitely one of the nicest. We were so tired on the walk back down that we hitched a lift in a SA Police patrol car. Then, just to top the day off, we had to call the RAA to fix our Suzuki after an unsuccessful test of the 4WD transfer case saw us unable to get out of 4WD. After two hours, we were finally on our way home to Hahndorf. It was still an awesome day.

Lotsa Love Dad

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