840 Explore Hahndorf SA

G’day Erik, Oscar & Magnus

After a hectic couple of weeks of following cycling road races across two states, today we had a rest day. The boys rode their own bikes around the adjacent caravan site to ours all morning. It was heading for 40 degrees today, the first day in another week of stinkers over 40 degrees. We decided to go into town for a dessert lunch of Bavarian chocolate cake and apple strudel at The Hahndorf Inn. Mum bought herself another animal heat pack, this time a little pig that we’ve called “Hamdorf”. She already has a sheep one and each of you have your own dinosaur heat packs. Erik’s is red one named “Stanley” coz we bought him in Stanley Tasmania. Oscar’s blue one is named “Toasty” coz he’s toasty warm and Magnus’s is named “Bronte” coz he’s a Brontosaurus. My heat pack is a normal one and it doesn’t have a name. I don’t name things. That’s stupid.

Lotsa Love Dad

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