Book: Don’ts For Husbands | Blanche Ebbutt 1913

1913 Blanche Ebbutt Don'ts For Husbands

You’re Hiking & Cycling Life is not over…

“Don’t think that you have of necessity done with walking or cycling tours now you are married, as you can’t leave your wife and go away with your old chum. Why not take her? If you will moderate your ardour, and be content to walk fifteen miles a day instead of twenty, and to carry a slightly larger knapsack (you’ll never feel the difference), you and your wife can have the most delightful walking tours together. Or if she cycles, and you will think less of the miles you cover than the charming villages you investigate, you will not need a better chum than she can be.

Don’t say it is no fun to go out cycling with your wife because she can’t “scorch”. It will do you no harm to ride more slowly than usual, and your company will give her a great deal of pleasure. Her “going slow” is one of the secrets of her chances of longer life. Take her with you, and you will avoid that overtaxing of the arteries which leads to premature old age.”

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